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Visit Givskud Zoo when you stay at Danhostel Vejle

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Givskud Zoo – an animal experience. Danhostel Vejle is only a short 20 min drive from Givskud Zoo, which is made like a zoo where you drive in by car. In selected places inside the park, you park your car and continue on foot. A large and different animal park that, in addition to the many animals, also has special exhibitions such as large, real-life dinosaurs.

You can easily spend a whole day walking in Givskud Zoo, which also has a large lion flock where you drive directly into the inclosure by car and get really close to the lions.

Denmark’s best animal park
Givskud Zoo is very well visited and one of the most acclaimed zoos in Denmark. The park has been named Denmark’s best zoo for the second year in a row. And with good reason. Here is something for the whole family, good access to the animals and good places to eat.

Givskud Zoo is also known by the name Zootopia.

Givskud Zoos is primarily a safari park, where you drive in your own car through the park’s large facilities, where several different animals are placed together. On the way through the park are several parking spaces where you can park the car and walk around and look at the animals. Some of the best known and popular animals in the park are elephants, rhinos, lions, giraffes, gorillas, chimpanzees and Brazilian giant eaters.

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