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Visit one of UNESCO’s Worlds Treasures – The Jelling Monuments

  • Jellinge-Monumenterne - Kongernes Jelling


The Jelling monuments are considered one of the most prestigious in all of Europe from the Viking Age. Every Dane should at least once in his life take a stroll past Jelling and see the historic Jelling stones.  It is the baptismal certificate of Denmark and their history is why the monuments and the surrounding area have been placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list along with only 6 other places in Denmark.

The Jelling of the Kings
Also visit the experience center of Kongernes Jelling. The center is part of the National Museum of Denmark and there is free admission. At the Experience Center, you can learn more about the Viking kings Gorm and Harald, their rune stones, the great shipwreck and the giant palisade erected more than 1,000 years ago. In 2019 you can experience a special exhibition on Danefæ, Tax or scrap.

PS: Make a stop on the way home from Jelling at Fårup Lake and get an ice cream in the summer heat.

In Jelling, Gorm founded the Old Monarchy and the genus, which more than 1000 years later still exists with our current regent Queen Margrethe as descendant. During the last Viking Age, men like Gorm the Old and Harald Blåtand had their daily walk in Jelling. After the mid-900s, Gorm the Old and Harald Blåtand created a plant with roots in the pagan ancient times. The two tall ones, Harald Blåtand’s rune stone and the Romanesque stone church, are the last steps in the construction of the royal monument. Beneath them are the remains of a large shipwreck and the traces of the first three wooden church buildings in Jelling. On the small Jelling stone, Denmark was renamed around 950, and on the large Jelling stone, Christianity was officially confirmed as the religion that replaced the old Nordic Asetro around the year 965.

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