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Good to know

Reservation, check-in and cancellation

Because we are lucky enough to house many wonderful guests we recommend that you alway book your rooms in advance.

Reservations can be made by phone, email or through our online booking system. A reservation is not valid until you receive a confirmation from Danhostel Vejle by phone or email. When booking rooms in advance Danhostel Vejle charges the full amount before arrival.

Check-in is normally from 4 pm. Check-out is no later than 10 am.

If a cancellation is necessary it must be made as soon as possible. Stays of 1-2 nights can be cancelled until three days prior to arrival at 12 pm with a full refund minus a cancellation fee of DKK 175,00 per room. Less than 3 days prior to arrival the reservation is binding and you pay the full amount of your stay including any additional services you may have ordered.


House rules

Danhostel Vejle is a no smoking hostel and thus all indoor areas are non-smoking. If you smoke indoors there will be an extra cleaning charge added to your room and immediate eviction without any refund. Luckily Danhostel Vejle has excellent smoking facilities outside where smoking is allowed.

The guest kitchen is reserved for families and single travelers and is not to be used by larger groups. If you are travelling as a group we can cater food and drinks for you if you wish.



We make sure all facilities and rooms are nice and clean at all times and we expect our guests to contribute to a clean and presentable environment. Please leave your room in the same condition as upon arrival. That includes emptying the trash bin and returning linen in the linen zone.